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Dates and Times: Every other Monday (check the Events page for specific dates and subjects).

Content: Tom Bevington leads the group in presentations and discussions on a wide variety of subjects in fields like Psychology, History, Cosmology, Archeology, Science, Finance, Consciousness, Behavioral Genetics, DNA, UFOs, Medicine, and many more.

  • BLUEPRINT (Science/Behavioral Genetics) – A discussion of Robert Plomin’s book which describes the biggest revolution in genetics since the discovery of DNA - polygenic scoring. This recent advance is currently sweeping through the life sciences and will revolutionize many disciplines like psychology almost entirely.
  • INTELLIGENCE (Psychology) - A collection of videos by researchers in the field describing what we've learned over the last 100 years about the nature of human intelligence.
  • PSYCHEDELIA (Consciousness/History/Psychology/Technology) - On April 19th, 1943, Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman took the first LSD trip in Basel, Switzerland - an event now celebrated annually as ‘Bicycle Day’. This presentation is a whirlwind tour spanning the Harvard experiments of Dr's Leary and Albert, to government research in MK Ultra, to the subsequent 40-year backlash, to the explosive renaissance into psychedelic research, bio-hacking and micro dosing.
  • CRYPTO CURRENCIES (Finance/Technology) - An overview and history of the still ongoing revolution in crypto currencies and the underlying technology that makes them.
  • UFO PHENOMENA (History/Science/Politics) - What exactly is the UFO phenomenon all about? While many believe UFO sightings began in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico, UFO's have been observed and recorded by humans throughout our entire history. Though full revelations will likely have to wait, the intriguing disclosures to-date indicate the truth may be far stranger than exotic craft, little grey men, or anti-gravity propulsion.
  • THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE (Cosmology, Science) - For over 100 years, gravity has been proposed as the organizing principle of the universe at cosmological scale. But as the science advances, an ever-changing mix of complex and ad hoc theories may be ignoring a far simpler explanation that IS supported by all the available data. What if the same electricity that runs through our brains and our power lines, is the organizing principle of the entire universe?

Disclaimer: Opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by Tom, his assistants or members of Monday Mind Benders do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of Storytellers, its owners, and employees. If you get offended… talk to Tom.