Storytellers Brewery and Meet House

Storytellers Brewery is a small, quaint family run craft brewery located on the west side of Corona, CA just off the 91 freeway.

Take the Maple Street exit, north onto Maple Street, just past Pomona Road. We are on the right in the Maple Commerce Center.

We make good beer and friends!

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The Storytellers Story

The inspiration for our little craft brewery comes from family roots in the hills and hollers of the Appalachian foothills in Eastern Kentucky. Grandpa Cantrell’s farmhouse was a gathering place for family, friends, and strangers passing by on the gravel and dirt road.

Referred to in the area as the Meet House, folks were warmly welcomed, whiling away hours on the porch, swapping stories and sharing drink.

Storytellers Brewery Taproom Mural by Leo Popovich
Mural in Storytellers Brewery by Leo Popovich.


While spending time on the porch visiting their grandparents, owners and brothers Randy and Matt enjoyed the stories shared among the unique and vibrant characters that visited. Some visitors whittled away with an old Case knife on tobacco sticks, the bigger the shaving pile, the more intense the conversation.

Slow Down its Porch Time Warning Sign at Storytellers Brewery
Slow down and enjoy the moment moment.


That simple and relaxed vibe is what home means to Randy and Matt, which they provide customers who visit the Corona, CA taproom; a great place to slow down, enjoy the moment, and enjoy one of Storyteller’s craft ales, lagers, hard teas, and seltzers.

From our humble Kentucky roots, we intend to earn your enthusiasm with each craft beer, hard seltzer, or hard tea we produce. We bring a creative spirit coupled with process discipline to make every glass an experience you will savor while swapping stories with friends, both old and new at the Meet House or your house.

What We Brew - Ales, Lagers, Seltzers and Hard Tea

We serve up traditional ales and lagers, from West Coast IPA, New England IPA, Cold IPA, and Black IPA to American Lager, Italian Pilsner, Mexican Lager, Schwarzbier, Tmavé Pivo, and more.

We have an affinity for brewing historical styles, such as Piwo Grodziskie, London Brown, and Kentucky Common.

We love to play with adjuncts from teas to coffees, cacao to vanilla bean, fresh fruits to dried fruits, and more, resulting in favorites like our Chocolate Coffee Stout, English Pale with Earl Grey Tea, Strawberry Basil Milkshake IPA, Peach Tea IPA, Imperial Lager with Orange Blossom Honey and a range of Fruited Sours and Goses.

We are always playing in the kitchen, trying out new things. So, at Storytellers Brewery, you'll find the menu evolving and changing with new and curious offerings, each visit.

Image of Storytellers Brewery and Meet House Owners and Sons
Randy, Matt, and sons after a Brew Day.


We also brew a broad range of hard teas and hard seltzers incorporating teas we develop in house, blending everything from Rooibos to Oolong Tea, White to Green Tea, Black to Pu-erh Tea, Butterfly Pea Flower to Hibiscus Tea and many more. We create tisanes which are blends of teas, dried fruits and herbs.

We love incorporating fruits like Kiwi, Pineberry, Blackberry, Boysenberry, Peach, and fruits our grandfather used to grow on his farm from Watermelon to Strawberry, Apples to Rhubarb.

In-house Roasted Coffees and Teas

From time to time, we'll sell bagged in-house roasted coffees, from Mexico to El Salvador, Kenya to Ethiopia, Brazil to Columbia, and many other regions that interest us. These coffees are also used in in our Coffee Stout series, Golden Stout, and other coffee infused creations.

Image of Bagged Storytellers Brewery Coffee
In-house Roasted Coffees and Teas


We design tea blends from a broad range of tea leaf, including our house favorite Earl Grey from Sri Lankan Ceylon leaf, and Kentucky Porch Tea from Lapsang Souchong leaf, smoked over Pinewood, to provide a smoky Kentucky bourbon-like vibe.  Our tisanes incorporate dried fruits, herbs, and tea leaf from Green to White and beyond.

These teas and tisanes are crafted for our beers, seltzers, and hard teas and we package extra to be enjoyed on their own.

Storytellers Brewery Craft Teas
Storytellers Brewery Tea and Tisane Blends


Slow Down with Us in the Taproom

If you are always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you're in? Storytellers Brewery is the antidote to the busyness and urgency of everyday life; a place to catch your breath, slow down, and enjoy the moment. Please stop by the Storytellers Brewery taproom, grab a spot on the porch, make new friends or just relax and catch the game, read a book, or whatever helps you wind down.

Slow down, enjoy the moment and see if we can earn your enthusiasm for our craft.

Image of Friends visiting at Storytellers Brewery
We make good beer and friends.