Storytellers Brewery and Meet House is a family run brewery located in Corona, CA just off the 91. Take the Maple Street exit. Then, head north past Pomona Rd. We are on the right in the Maple Commerce Center.

The inspiration for our brewery comes from our family roots in the hills and hollers of the Appalachian foothills in Eastern Kentucky. Grandpa Cantrell’s farmhouse was a gathering place for family, friends, and strangers that passed by on Cantrell Road.

Referred to by many in the area as the Meeting House, folks were warmly welcomed, whiling away hours on the porch, swapping stories and sharing drink. Owners and brothers Randy and Matt grew up enjoying the wealth of stories and embracing the many unique and vibrant characters that visited, often while whittling away with an old Case knife on a tobacco stick; the bigger the shaving pile, the more intense the conversation.

That simple, relaxed, and welcoming vibe remind Randy and Matt of home, the home they provide their customers who visit the Back Porch at Storytellers Brewery and Meet House; a great place to slow down, enjoy the moment, and enjoy one of Storyteller’s craft ales or lagers.

From our humble Kentucky roots, we intend to earn your enthusiasm with each beer we produce. We strive to bring a creative spirit coupled with process discipline to make every glass an experience you will want to savor, while swapping stories with friends, both old and new at the Meet House.

Please come #SlowDownWithUs on the #BackPorch, make some new friends, and see if we can earn your enthusiasm for our craft.

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You can find us on Google Maps, here